Chapter 3 – All-American Boy

Chapter 3 – All-American Boy

“Isn’t that pretty much all men?”

That’s a question/statement I’ve gotten from a lot of women when I talk about my previous inability to be emotionally attached or available. As if they all are secretly head nodding as they relate. I think most women in America in fact have just accepted that we American men aren’t going to be someone they can count on to talk to about their feelings, or to share our thoughts with. At least, they don’t expect more than a head nod or occasional glance up from our electronic devices while doing so.

To have a man voluntarily talk about his feelings, in fact, would probably cause a member of the opposite sex to wonder if a pig is flying gleefully through the air somewhere. Yet, it’s the polar opposite if we were to turn things around and talk about women under the same premise.

I wonder, how did that become?

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