Chapter 2 – Adultizing

Chapter 2 – Adultizing

Growing up; well, actually that’s a funny thing – growing up. Before I even begin to explain what my life was like growing up and how I got to this point in my life, I’d like to talk about just how oddly we go about creating grown ups in our society, or classifying people as grown ups, and what that results in.

For example, take how we classify a boy becoming a man. Depending on your culture (or wacko family), becoming a man could mean anything from turning 18, to when you stop growing, to when you start growing body hair, to having your first drink, to when you lose your virginity, to standing on some tall pole practically naked for a ridiculously long amount of time, etc., etc. However, through all the traditions all over the world that have to do with how a boy becomes a man (or a grown up), I don’t think one actually coincides with how that individual recognizes their own maturity, or becomes grown up. It’s just assumed that under certain circumstances, or by a certain time, you will become a man, or a grown up. But what if you don’t? And who the fuck ever has?

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