Chapter 1 – Chronologically Feeling

Probably seems a bit odd that someone who has a blog titled Man, ALL the Feels would have a book titled Unemotional. But getting to this point in my life was a giant ride on the emotional struggle bus. I haven’t always been so ‘feely’. In fact, I have only been so for about 10% of my life. I hope you’ll follow along as I do my best to tell you how all that played out. Maybe it’ll help you or someone you know feel something as well.

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Preface Thought:

Why is it that we can only open up emotionally, completely, trustingly to others through writing and song? Why aren’t we allowed our humanity in the company of other humans?

Chapter 1 – Chronologically Feeling

Lots of stories start at the beginning, some fast forward to the end, but I honestly couldn’t tell you where this story begins or what will happen at the end. Instead, I’ll just tell you what I’ve learned and how that came about.

For the first 30 odd years of my life, 10,657 days to be exact, I was incapable of entirely feeling pretty much anything. For myself or for others. I would underline the word entirely here if I was writing this to myself, because although I felt every emotion I just couldn’t feel the whole spectrum of any emotion during that time. I mean there were always feelings, I just couldn’t really feel any of them if that makes any sense. I damn sure couldn’t share any of them with anyone else. The connection that I needed to do so, between my inner self and my cognitive/physical self, was just never established growing up. Or, there were things that maybe more accurately hindered that connection from being forged during my development. So I guess you could say in many ways I was spared, or I spared myself, from feelings as a result. Feelings, however, are something you never want to be spared from.

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