A Beginner’s Love


Let’s Start at the Beginning

Want to know how can you be a good partner and find success in love?

Here’s a hint: it might be simpler than you think.

The truth is, there’s really no secret formula to being a good partner or being good in a relationship. All are capable of being such, and all probably have been at one time or another. It’s just the consistency that’s hard.

But, if you want to be better partner, or to be better in a relationship, take my advice: go back to the beginning.

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True manliness is non-conformity

*An edited version of this post can be seen on the Menprovement website here.*

“True manliness is non-conformity.”

Those words are forever etched into my mind. I hope to never forget them. More importantly, I hope I will never stop trying to live them.

These words were words written by a man who many, including myself, believed to be homeless in a place called Bristol, VA. Bristol is a twin city shared by Virginia’s neighboring state Tennessee, and is nestled right smack dab in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. It is a beautiful place where many an interesting character lived/live (they came ‘out of the woodwork’ so to speak), and a place where quite a few interesting stories birthed their beginnings.

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