To Searsha

To Searsha,

I hope you relish the fight.


I suppose before I go any further I should explain who Searsha is and why I’m writing to her.

Searsha is our unborn daughter. She is due to arrive July 31, 2017. 

I’m am writing to her, because; well, it just seemed like a good idea.

This may also explain to some of you why I haven’t posted anything lately because in the last 6 months I’ve moved, got a new job (which is similar to my old job), started my own race company (, found out we’re having a baby girl, and went under contract for a house.

So, yeah, I’ve been a bit busy. 

But anywho… Continue reading “To Searsha”




Just walk.

That’s often all I want to do.

I went outside of my house to run today and I found myself doing just that – unknowingly walking. Well, maybe not unknowingly, but it wasn’t what I had stepped outside to do.

I was supposed to be running. Continue reading “Walk”

Why I Write

You are not alone.

That is the primary inspiration behind all my work. To share in a trust that certain feelings and experiences we have as human beings allow us to form an inexplicably surreal common bond between us. A bond that should be shared and nurtured at all times. For it is our humanity, our perfect imperfectness, that makes us all human. Continue reading “Why I Write”



That was the word the doctor used when he walked into the waiting room to inform me of my father’s death.


All I could think was, “What, is he some kind of fucking car battery or something?”. Expired…What. The. Fuck?!

I mean I know it’s gotta be a shitty part of your job to have to inform someone that they just lost a loved one; but damn, whatever list of words you’ve compiled to use in that scenario needs to be shortened by at least one.

Expired. (SMH) Continue reading “Expired”

Fear Not, My Friend: 10 Tips For Overcoming Fear

(Yes, that’s me. Middle school wasn’t my best look ever. But, hey, all things are possible with a No Fear t-shirt)

Fear Nothing

I just rediscovered this list that I wrote for a friend a while back.

I was asking her for ideas on new articles/something to write about, and she asked if I could come up with a list of tips for overcoming fears. So in a very short order, voila. I came up with these 10 (and I added one after).

I thought I’d share it with everyone because I know that all of us grapple with fear, and by sharing these 10 tips maybe some of you will find some solace within. Continue reading “Fear Not, My Friend: 10 Tips For Overcoming Fear”

You Don’t Need Permission

You Don’t Need Permission

I thought long and hard about publishing this post with nothing but that headline.

In some ways I think that may have even been the best route to go. Who knows. You’re going to get a little more detail as to what I mean by that regardless. Continue reading “You Don’t Need Permission”


“I think people are obsessed with comfort to the point that they forget, if you don’t have any discomfort in your life how do you know when you feel good?” – Gary “Laz” Cantrell (Co-founder Barkley Marathons)

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

As the (former) manager of a small circuit training gym, I know that whenever someone walks through the door of the gym for the first time, that the person standing before me is the result of a life. A life that has been led in one way or another up until then. A life that is more or less comfortable to them, and that it’s going to take a whole lot more than diet and exercise to change that person into whatever they want to become. It’s going to take a new life (something very uncomfortable).

But I never tell them that, because we don’t sell ‘new lives’. Continue reading “Comfortable?”