Thank You for Saying YES

Thank You

Thanks you for saying yes.

Maybe none of you said it in capital letters, but I thank you all the same. None of you had to say yes, but you did, and I’m really thankful for that.

I don’t take a single bit of it for granted, and that’s why I wanted to take some time to express my gratitude to all the women in my life who have previously said yes to me; in particular, to those of you who I’ve been honored to call my girlfriends or my wife.

I’ve not only wanted to say those things to you for a long time, but I wanted to write my own thank you letter to all of you because I’ve seen too many other letters out there that just don’t add up to my thoughts on love or any of you. You’ve probably seen them all too, you know, the articles out there that thank people for saying NO, or that thank people for breaking up with them, or that thank people for letting them go. They’re all so depressing and negative in tone I feel, and it seems as if they only serve to boost the self-esteem of the person writing them so that they might feel better off afterwards.

And that’s why I’m writing my own letter to you, because I wanted my letter to you to be different. I wanted my letter to be positive, because I don’t feel like I’m better off without any of you, I feel like I’m better off having had each of you in my life.

So again, I thank you.

I thank you for saying yes when you could’ve all said no. Hell, some of you may even wish you would have said no now (I laughed at that so feel free to do so as well). But none of you did, and now my life is better off having had each of you in it.

I say that emphatically because each of you, indirectly or directly, has given me so much in my life that there’s no way I could even begin to list it all. I want you to know that I am not upset or begrudged towards any of you in any way. I am thankful for all of you, and for all that you have given me. I am truly blessed to have been with so many beautiful, talented, loving, and amazing women in my life. I’m not sure I did much in return to deserve it all.

Without each of you though I know I could have never become who I am today. I could have never become the man, the partner, the lover, the father, nor the human I am today without each of you helping me become that; without each of your fingerprints on my life; and without each of your tattoos on my heart. That may seem a bit cliche, or circumstantial, but it’s all true.

You all taught me so much, so many things that others might have simply taken for granted, but that I assure you I do not. For starters, you all helped me fill a vast gap in my life as far as guidance goes (a gap that was there for a variety of reasons), and you filled that gap by giving me your love and patience, and by sharing with me your knowledge and wisdom.

Without you I would have never even of come close to knowing how to do so many things, because for many years I had no one in my life who served as that guide to show me how to do those things. Simple things like how to fold towels/shirts, how to mop, how to clean a cast iron frying pan, how to cook various things, how to properly squeeze a lime, how to reupholster a chair, how to Spotify (I just made it a verb so suck it); or, more important things like how to care for someone, how to never stop exploring, how to know your value, etc. All of which were incredibly valuable things for me to learn, and that I’m not trying to say to sound funny in any way, because I really did need each of those things in my life (and so many other things) to make it on my own without all of you as well.

In many cases, I gained more from each of you than anyone else in my life at those, or any other time, really.

The main thing I gained from you all though was your love. A love that continues to bear endless fruits in my life. A love (often given without much love in return) that taught me how to better love myself and how to better love others as well. A love that helped me learn the true meaning of love, the power of love.

So again, I thank you for saying yes.

I want to say thank you for saying yes because more than anything you said yes to me. As in, what you saw in me. You said yes to things about me that I had yet to even become; yes to things that you believed I could become; and just yes to who I was at the time. Words cannot explain how deeply moved I am by that, because I know how much time I spent not living up to those things at times. That I only became most of those things upon reflecting back on the many shortcomings that I had with each of you.

So again, I thank you for saying yes.

It was because each of you said yes that I learned how to say yes to myself, and that I learned what my yes is, and that now I get to say yes to everything.

I cannot thank you enough for saying yes.

I’m glad I did.





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