Why I Write

You are not alone.

That is the primary inspiration behind all my work. To share in a trust that certain feelings and experiences we have as human beings allow us to form an inexplicably surreal common bond between us. A bond that should be shared and nurtured at all times. For it is our humanity, our perfect imperfectness, that makes us all human.

I trust in this deep connection despite the fact that it’s not necessarily a quantifiable or provable position, and one that I can only explain by saying you just know or you just feel it.

It’s something that I believe dives deeper into a field where I don’t think anyone is ever able to truly explain it, but it’s something that despite not having one piece of evidence to support it, I am confident we all become exponentially closer to each other just by acknowledging and discussing it – our humanness.

It is something that made me decide over a year ago to unapologetically and unconditionally surrender to everyone (meaning a few accidental readers of my blog) my own humanity through writing. Because by exposing my own feelings and emotional evolutions in life thus far, I hoped it would allow for others to recognize their own humanity in mine, and thus recognize for themselves our interconnectedness within it.

I wrote, and write, with a belief that none of my experiences are ever too intimate, or weird, or delicate to be understood by others. And that in accordance, no one else’s experiences are either. I wanted others to know that whatever they were going through in life was ok, because whatever I was going through I have found to be ok too. Because we are all human. That it’s all ok. That it’s all worth sharing. And that by sharing our feelings and evolutions we can create (hopefully) a growing acceptance of one another in this world.

An acceptance that would hopefully show our undeniable bond as a species, and through this acceptance enable all of us to erase so many of the reasons that hold us back from our truly divine purpose – the greater good.

And I suppose that’s really why I started writing. That I, just like you, share an innately human desire for a better tomorrow. That I realized despite all the problems of this world we all do. Even people on opposite sides of a war do. And I believed that if we could just allow ourselves to simply find a way, any way, to see the similarities in each other; then we could really achieve something great together.

My way just happened to be through writing.

I chose writing because after traveling and meeting so many new and wonderful people this last year, I realized after telling each of them my story that I had been able to become closer to them by doing so. That after sharing my humanity with them, I had allowed them to be more acceptive of me, and allowed them to have a greater acceptance of themselves too. That I had even allowed them to desire to share more of themselves voluntarily in the process. Thus, forming a deeper bond between us. Because I was brave enough to share my humanity with them, it allowed them to be braver in the face of theirs.

So that is why I write, to put it all down and put it all out there for anyone to see, because then the possibilities for it are endless; the conversation never ends. Honestly though, that’s why I do everything I do not just write. Because if you aren’t living your life with purpose, and working towards a greater good, then you really aren’t taking advantage of the true gift of being human.

However, I’ll stop here and say that I know that I’m not the first person to recognize any of this or want any of this, and obviously achieving it – the greater good –  has proved to be a bit elusive over time. So I want to say that my writing is not done with the thought that it’s going to be that one magic cure for it all, but that I just wanted to add to the conversation with hope.

Besides, the answer to it all isn’t going to be as simple as one thing, or something that is necessarily understood completely in the context of the mind anyways in my opinion. That may sound like I think my writing is pointless then, but it’s actually why I thought my writing would be different and worthy, because I hoped that through my writing you would ‘feel’ and ‘hear’ my words in a different way. That it would speak to your soul more than your mind, because I write with all of mine. Because truth I believe is something that must be felt in the depths of our souls, because only through our souls are we really able to genuinely ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the truth; and thereby, to feel and see the truth in others.

So no matter what. Know that you are not alone.

That I am with you.



Proverbs 24:14 – Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.


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