Bass Ackwards


That’s a thought I have often about how we as a society go about things – bass ackwards.

We human beings are so adamant that we always know a better way to do things. A more intelligent, sophisticated, righteous way of doing things. A way of doing things that is seemingly directed straight from a higher power.

God, is the human mind ever a conceited fucktard.

Shockingly enough, in reality, doing things our way appears to be about as far from perfect as possible. The right way of doing things instead usually just means an eventual return to the way things were before we decided to open our big, dumb mouths.

Yeah, here’s a few reasons we’re all doomed as a species.


1. We need three things to survive – water, air, and food – and we pollute them all.

Seriously, how fucking stupid are we?

*Side note: I often even more confusingly hear people use the excuse “Why would God put those things blank amount of feet underground if he didn’t want us to extract them?” Well, number one, that makes zero fucking sense, and number two, that’s like a guy saying “If she didn’t want to be raped, she shouldn’t have worn those sexy clothes.”

2. We spend a mortgage’s worth of money to go to school to get a job so we can afford to buy a house. Take a second to reread that.

Not to mention, we decided somewhere along the line that people should have to pay to educate themselves. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

3. Speaking of which, we work in jobs so we can afford to pay for the things that we could actually do ourselves if we took the time to learn them: build a home, grow food, clean, fix stuff, etc. And then we view people who have those skills and work in those trades as less educated.

4. You have to go into debt to show that you are good with money (i.e. have a good credit score). Bass ackwards!

5. There are people starving all over the world, and yet according to the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) we waste half of the food worldwide.

6. Speaking of waste, look around, you’re surrounded by needless and unsustainable things.

7. I figured I’d leave a gap in the education points (since I could probably come up with a million), but in 2015 54% of our discretionary spending went to Defense and Homeland Security while 6% went to education. Call me crazy, but maybe if we all were more educated we wouldn’t feel the need to bomb each other.

8. You can own a gun without any education whatsoever.

9. We learn from making mistakes, and yet we try and shelter our youth from so much failure in society that all we really succeed in doing is making them incredibly susceptible to failure.

Seriously, I once worked in a school district where they made us grade in purple ink because some study had shown that red ink was detrimental to a students’ self esteem. Well, then explain to me how the fuck little Johnny is gonna feel when he gets fired and there’s no going away party?

10. Our social worlds are flooded with stories/pictures/videos of celebrities, sports teams, and entertainment news, meanwhile wars are going on, diseases are affecting millions, and income inequality is growing. In other words, the things we give our attention to is bass ackwards!

11. We label things that are organic/natural/etc., but do not label things that are full of chemicals, pesticides, and artificial ingredients.

12. We buy High Definition T.V.’s so that everything looks real from the inside, instead of actually immersing ourselves in real life outside.

13. Our whole government structure is largely based off a document that is over 200 years old and that was signed by a handful of people whom none of us ever knew.

And the list goes on…

On an encouraging note, we are having a conversation, and you are reading material that none of us would have ever had access to a few years ago. So maybe our brains will figure it all out after all.

Probably not, but maybe.

ძალოსანი ქალი

Bass Ackwards ; )

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