Love -N- Shit

This was my first attempt at writing and self expression years ago. Honestly, I didn’t even explore writing in such a way again until a few years after. I had no idea back then that this would be an indicator that I had found my voice, and that writing would later be something I enjoyed and pursued when I found the time. Enjoy! 

Love – N – Shit

After wiping my nose this morning with some toilet paper, I found myself looking at the remaining roll of toilet paper. There were only a couple squares left and I knew the next event in the bathroom would bring about the inevitable, oh-so-cautious, usage of the last pieces of T.P. However, at that moment, instead of thinking about how I was going to go about replenishing my supplies, I had a typical me moment of random, deep wondering. I said to myself, “What if we used or cherished love like it was the last piece of T.P.?”

Now before you begin drawing your own conclusions to what I was thinking (or begin wondering what crazy ass drugs I was on this morning), allow me to explain what I mean. Oh, and the answer to the latter is none. I’m just special.

Anyways, I wasn’t thinking about loving shitty people metaphorically speaking, nor was I pondering about how to wipe my ass with love. What I meant by that thought, is that, we often waste T.P. like we waste love.

Deep shit right? (No pun intended)

When only a little will do the job, we are often greedy and unappreciative of our highly valuable bathroom resource, and use as much as we want with very little gratitude. But when it finally comes down to that last piece of T.P., we don’t waste an inch. We honor it and use it with incredible, precise planning and appreciation. Not thinking for a second about wasting half a roll to create a paper force field between our ass and the toilet seat.

So my question was/is, what if we did the same for love?

What if when we were given love we honored it and cherished it and used it only for its intended purpose? Not taking a single bit for granted. What if we didn’t assume that there will always be more, or that it’s just routine? Instead, what if we embraced it like there’s not another thing in the world that could aptly do the job, or fulfill our needs like love can. Making the most out of everything we have. Even possibly going a bit further at times and unraveling the remainder of that roll to make the most out of what we’ve been given, metaphorically speaking.

After all, love, like T.P., is a luxury. It is not a given that you will always have them, or that you will ever have them, but life is so much better with them both.

So, maybe, just for today, try and see all the love and kindness in your world as if they’re that last piece of T.P. Let no amount go unappreciated. Let no amount be wasted. Because let’s face it, even the shittiest of T.P. is better than no T.P. at all.

This has been a random, deep thought by General Parks.

*Add on: Love, like T.P., is also of better quality the more you invest in it. Whether that investment is time, effort, or money. Make wise investments, because both can fall apart right in front of you. (Thanks Trey)*


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