Man. All. The. Feels. (Musical Version)

For anyone with a pulse, there is also music that seems to beat to that same rhythm. These are the songs that make my heart beat the loudest.

What songs make you feel?

Normally I’m an emotional listener, allowing the music to run with whatever emotion I’m feeling or for me to allow it to move me. This song¬†also makes me visualize something, a sunrise; or maybe just light. I dunno.¬†Hope that’s enough hippy talk for yah.

The fact that this is in the comments on YouTube…Wow, just wow.

Hannah Blanchsky 1 month ago
The air frosted in front of his face, leaving a cloud in the air like a dragon exhaling smoke. The cold air bit through his thin coat, but he didn’t care. His attention was on her.
She sighed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “This isn’t going to work. I know that. You know that. But we have to try. You know better than anyone else what’s at stake.”
“This isn’t about the plan! This is about us. About how it can’t happen, because-” He faltered, his whirling thoughts fumbling for a reasonable explanation.
“Because why?” her voice was soft, but it hit him like a punch to the chest. “Because you’re scared? Because Gavin told you not to?”
“Because I don’t want to lose you.” The words tumbled out before he could stop to think about them. His cheeks burned and he looked down, unable to meet her gaze.
Her hand reached out and pulled his chin back up so that their eyes were locked. They were so close, he could count the freckles that dappled her nose and cheeks.
She held him there for a long moment. Nothing moved. It was as if the entire world was holding its breath.
Without warning she leaned forward and kissed his lips, her hand still held up to his face. He broke away first, a surprised and dazed look on his face.
“I swear to God,” he murmured. “We’re crazy.”
She laughed as she pulled him in again. “Probably.”

Jack Savoretti – Lifetime

I want this played at my wake. Totally not kidding.



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